Mainnet Beta is live! Maximize yield for your FIL holdings today and become a frontrunner in rapidly expanding Filecoin network.

Stake to the most sophisticated Filecoin Storage Providers

Support Filecoin Network growth and earn rewards without your funds locked in.
Mainnet Beta
14.5 PiB
120,413 FIL
Protocol TVL
QAP storage added
How it works
Stake FIL

Select an amount of FIL to stake on Collectif DAO application
Receive Rewards

Receive clFIL which automatically increases in value from Filecoin mining rewards

Expand Network

Help growing Filecoin with storage capacity by allocating FIL to network’s top Storage Providers

Slashing Protection

We require Storage Providers to cover potential slashing risks, ensuring your investments are protected, stable and secure.

Maximized Profitability

Partnering with Collectif DAO allows Storage Providers to earn up to 40% more in mining fees, maximizing rewards for stakers.

Optimal Distribution

Your capital is allocated to top-tier, geographically distributed Storage Providers in the Filecoin network for enhanced efficiency.
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Decurity is a team of blockchain security experts with proven record since 2017. We prioritize working exclusively with audited firms that have maintained a strong security track record and ZERO dollars lost.
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Filecoin Leasing for Institutions
Utilize highest capital efficiency and maximize your FIL yield with Collectif DAO protocol by allocating to the most sophisticated Storage Providers.
Liquid staking allows you to stake your cryptocurrency while retaining the ability to use or trade it. Through Collectif DAO, you can stake FIL and receive clFIL tokens that represent your staked assets, including the principal FIL amount and a share of mining rewards.